Go Dance, one of Australia's favourite Salsa and Latin Dance schools is now online! Get your feet moving and your hips shaking with the finest dances Latin America has to offer. 


Go Dance is a not for profit, volunteer driven, social dance academy. Go Dance prides itself in its ability to provide its students with the technically sound teaching that will enable them to learn how to Latin Dance.


We see the continued provision of Latin dance classes, through the online medium, as a beneficent social service to our existing community of students, trainees, professionals and the wider Australian community.

During this period of COVID-19 Go Dance Online seeks to bring the same warm, friendly and supportive studio experience into everyone's home. 


rafael sanchez

Creative Director / Principal 

Join Rafael , Go Dance Creative Director as as he walks you through learning to Latin Dance. Known for his thorough breakdown of moves and supportive teaching style, Rafael will have you dancing in your living room in no time!

Rafael received his Latin Dance training from some of the world’s most renowned Latin Dance professionals, eventually earning his spot managing and developing talent at one of Australia's most recognised Latin Dance companies.

Raf has enjoyed the success of national competition and thrill of international performance and is now regularly invited to Judge some of Australia's most prestigious national Latin dance competitions 

Melissa Jane

Principal Dancer/Instructor

Join Melissa, Go Dance Principal Dancer, as she introduces, teaches and encourages you through the process of learning to Latin Dance! Known for her ability to inspire, motivate and entertain her classroom, there's no doubt that Melly's classes will be nothing short of fun!

It was in 2010 that Melly would discover Salsa and only two years later that Melly would compete and win the title of Australian Salsa Champion (Professional Teams Division) at the 2012 Australian Salsa Open.

Melly is now one of Go Dance’s favourite Senior Instructors and has contributed in creating some of the school’s most memorable choreographies. She currently resides in Sydney and can be found teaching at some of Australia’s favourite Latin Dance festivals.


Anyone who has attended a Go Dance class knows that the students’ passion for Go Dance is twofold.

Firstly, the dancing – it’s expertly taught by a team of motivated senior instructors and an additional team of inspiring junior instructors drawn from the student group. Salsa and Bachata are irresistible dance styles for a night of fun dancing, and in this dance school learning and fun is our motto!

Secondly, Go Dance is a community. Students from diverse backgrounds and age-groups come together not just to dance, but to connect. There are many social activities and opportunities provided by Go Dance and students are guaranteed friendly faces and a strong sense of community at every class.

Go Dance has proudly operated in an expanding list of locations, offering beginner, intermediate and advanced classes. Additional activities include the student fast track program, trainee instructor programs, instructor professional, monthly workshops and regular social events.
In a truly innovative response to the COVID-19 crisis, Go Dance has translated its key features of entertaining dance classes and vibrant community into the online world.


Go Dance has collated a growing treasure-trove of pre-recorded online dance classes. They cover different levels, different styles and focus on various techniques such as styling, spinning, musicality and body movement, choreography and more! Students can now practice at home by accessing, playing and replaying these video classes at any time. Ensuring that our student’s Go Dance learning journey continues despite the current health emergency.


The Go Dance community continues to thrive via the launch of Go Dance TV. This new channel is the place for students to connect, have fun, support one-another and hear about dance lifestyle and culture. Go Dance TV operates from 7pm to 8pm Monday through to Thursday each week. Listen in for online competitions, dance challenges, online meetups, Q&A forums and live streams. Together we will keep our spirits up, continue to be connected and thrive during these troubles times.


Go Dance, one of Australia's favourite Salsa and Latin Dance schools is now online! Get your feet moving and your hips shaking with the finest dances Latin America has to offer. 


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